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Experienced And Certified Flooring And Carpet Installers In Howell Township

Floors By The Shore has you covered for all your flooring needs. We install, repair, and maintain environmentally friendly flooring. The types include: laminate, hardwood, LVT, and LVP.Visit Floors By The Shore for all your flooring needs in Howell Township.

Carpet installation, which is installed to full Carpet Rug Institute Standards, assures you of carpet installation done right the first time. Our full spectrum of services includes 24/7 water damage clean-ups to stop mold and mildew in its tracks. For all of your hardwood installation needs, we feature the finest in Allegheny hardwoods and we all back our installation with a full lifetime warranty.

We feature some of the most recognized brands—including Shaw and Mohawk and everyone in-between under one roof. We pre-vacuum, pre-treat, and dry extract carpets to clean them. Our Oriental rug cleaning service is second-to-none because we clean exotic carpets through hand wash and without the use of any harsh chemicals. We offer free pick-up and delivery in Howell Township.

We Have Styles And Designs That Will Fit

When you are in the market for flooring selection, Floors By The Shore is the one place you will want to visit. Our selection includes Linoleum, laminate, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Luxury Vinyl Plank, and the latest in Waterproof Core and environmentally friendly flooring. We have styles and designs that will fit in virtually any room, and we service both residential accounts and commercial accounts. For any flooring requirement at your home or office, Floors By The Shore is the only flooring place you’ll ever need.

More Than 30+ Years Of Experience

Of course, flooring goes with flooring installation, and at Floors By The Shore, we have the best installers around who are fully insured. With over 20 years of experience and over 4000 floors installed, our installation professionals assure you of a job done right the first time, every time.

Perhaps the best measure of any business is the feedback they get, and we are proud of what people say about us. You can check out what our customers say about us on Facebook, Yelp, or Houzz. We are the winner of the Best of Houzz Service Award. That’s high praise from a site that knows home improvement. For all your residential or commercial installation needs, Floors By The Shore will get it done.

Your Trusted Flooring Contractor In Howell Township, NJ

When you're looking for the perfect flooring, it's important to find someone who knows what they are doing. That is why our professional team can help with all your needs and provide knowledgeable advice on which type of carpets or floors will work best for your home and business in Howell Township.

Incorporated in 1801, Howell Township was named after a former governor of New Jersey, Richard Howell, who served from 1794 to 1801. The Manasquan Reservoir is located within the county, and it has become one of the most popular recreational areas around, featuring an environmental nature center, hiking trails, and many parks for recreational activities. Howell Township was the setting for the Steven Spielberg Hollywood film, “The War of the Worlds 2005.”

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Does My New Carpet Appear To Be Shedding?

Shedding or piling is very normal for new carpeting, especially those made with staple carpet fibers (as opposed to bulked continuous filament (BCF) fibers). When yarn is sheared at a factory, pieces fall into the pile of carpets. These pieces become loose after installation. Most shedding will stop in a short time with regular vacuuming. Some carpets take longer than others, and the duration of shredding is determined by the way the carpet was manufactured.

What Are Laminate Floors And How Are They Made?

Laminate flooring is a versatile, durable, attractive flooring with the appearance of a hardwood floor. Although laminate flooring looks like wood flooring, there is actually no solid wood used in its construction. Laminate floors are made up of several materials bonded together under high pressure. Most laminate flooring consists of a moisture resistant layer under a layer of HDF (high-density fiberboard). This is topped with a high-resolution photographic image of natural wood flooring. It is then finished with an extremely hard, clear coating made from special resin-coated cellulose to protect the laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is perfect for anyone wanting a durable floor for a fraction of the price and installation time of a hardwood floor, but with the attractiveness of real hardwood. This construction also makes laminate flooring more environment-friendly as it uses less wood in its construction and makes more efficient use of the wood fiber that is used.

How Soon Can You Walk On Laminate Flooring After Installation?

After Installation is Completed. Product lock and clicks and can be walked on right away.

How To Clean Laminate Flooring After Installation?

Most vinyl products are very water-resistant, so wet-mopping is good to use. Mix water with a household floor cleaner.

Can You Stay In House While Floors Are Refinished?

Yes, you can stay in your home while the flooring is being refinished. Although we advise that you open window due to smells from different stains

Which Neighborhoods Do You Serve In Howell Township, NJ?

  • Ardmore Estates
  • Salem Hill
  • Winston Park
  • Ramtown
  • Land of Pines
  • Cedar Glen / Larrabees
  • Candlewood / Southard
  • The Villages / Surrey Downs
  • Fort Plains