Area rug cleaning


Improve Your Indoor Environment

From the bold prints of Oriental rugs to the muted tones of country French rugs, area rugs enhance any room and can provide you with the comfort and protection you need. However, the challenge to keep them clean and preserved without sacrificing the indoor air quality of your home or business or damaging their beauty can be daunting.

Quality Beyond Just Ordinary Rug Washing

At Floors by the Shore, we have the answer. Our services available throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties go far beyond just ordinary rug washing. We clean your rugs with both a hot water extraction method and a dry extraction system that is both incredibly effective and completely safe for the environment. Our process begins with a dye test to make sure that our detergents will not change the color on any part of your rug. Your rug will then be dusted to remove any dry particles that have accumulated over time. After the dusting, the rug is washed by hand, along with the fringe, and allowed to completely dry because we know that any moisture left behind can compromise the indoor air quality of your home or business.



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We'll Make Your Rug Look New Again

We'll make your rug look new again. Before returning your rug, we will run a final dusting on it and trim errant fibers so that your rug looks new again! All of this comes at a very low price. We also offer padding purchases for your area rugs. The padding we offer is a rubber backed rug pad, which keeps your rug steady, protects your hardwood floors, and gives it a little more cushion for a softer feel.