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Many homeowners choose hardwood floors thanks to their classic looks and durability. Hardwood floors can look good for decades if they are cared for properly, and the likelihood of having to replace them shrinks, thanks to the fact that most hardwood floors can be refinished. Refinishing your hardwood floors give you a cost-effective method to help your floors look like new again. If your hardwood floor is showing signs of wear, including light scratches, you may want to consider hiring our team to refinish your hardwood floors.

Consider Having an Expert Complete Your Hardwood Flooring Refinishing or Repair, Monmouth County and Surrounding Areas, NJ

You may have thought about completing your hardwood floor repair yourself. The truth is refinishing or repairing hardwood floors is a time-consuming and dust filled job. If your floor is not finished correctly, you may end up ruining your floors, leading you to have to purchase new flooring. Hardwood floor refinishing includes many steps, from a full inspection (to ensure your floor is still solid) to staining and applying finishing coats. When you have an expert complete your refinishing job, you can be assured that your floors will look like new, whilst avoiding all the work, dust, and noise, yourself.

Why Choosing Our Team Makes Sense When it Comes to Hardwood Floor Refinishing or Repair

When it comes to refinishing your hardwood floors you will want to hire a team that has experience with all types of hardwood, here is how our team stands out among our competitors;

  • We are 1 of 5 Bona Certified Craftsman in all of New Jersey
  • We have NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) Installation and Sand and Finish Certified Specialists
  • We are Certified Woca Finish Specialists
  • We use water based or oil based polyurethane finishing products. This means when the job is done there are no residual smells or chemicals.
  • Our products have no nasty volatile organic compounds or VOCs.
  • We use WOCA oils. This oil finish is a plant-based finish that is durable and environmentally responsible. This European oil is durable and makes cleaning your floors a breeze.
  • We work using standard industry practices for hardwood floor refinishing, this includes containment so that we can minimize dust in your home.
  • We will complete the full refinishing job within one to two weeks, depending on the amount of floors being refinished.

If you are looking to have hardwood flooring refinishing completed in Belmar, Ocean, Monmouth County, NJ and surrounding areas, get in touch with our team of hardwood experts. We can help you with your hardwood floor refinishing, saving you time and money.

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