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When it comes to a building’s aesthetics and function, the right floor can make all the difference. Our team carefully installs new floors to ensure your home or business looks exactly as it should.

Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority, and we work under the highest standards to guarantee professional-level installations.

Floor installation

Why Quality Flooring Installation Should be a High Priority?

Flooring installation

There’s a great deal of precision involved in floor installations, and service quality matters. Inferior installation techniques can lead to improper seals, crooked boards, and unsightly bubbles.

When installed correctly, floors are a beautiful lifetime investment. At Floors By The Shore, we prioritize quality in all aspects of our installations. Whether we’re installing brand new hardwoods or vinyl tile, you can rest assured that we’re using the latest methods and the most professional tactics.

We understand that when you pay good money to have a job done, whether it be in your home or business, you expect it to be done correctly so that your floor will last and look good during its lifetime.

How Our Installers Stand Out Among the Others in New Jersey?

This isn’t our first time around the block. Our flooring experts have been serving the New Jersey area for over 15 years. We install every floor ourselves, so you know you’re getting personal care, not a sloppy job from an outsourced subcontractor.

Additionally, Floors By The Shore also uses sustainable flooring materials and services such as Allegheny Hardwood products. Our goal is to provide excellent care without harming the environment or your home.

When you work with our top-rated local flooring company, you’ll know exactly what to expect from your timeline. We’ll install your new floors on schedule - usually within two to three weeks. Most other installers struggle to offer such a quick, firm turnaround time.

Hardwood floor installation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet, Vinly, and Hardwood are all priced differently. Carpet can range from $4.00sq/ft to $21.00sq/ft. Vinly ranges from $6.00 sq/ft to $9.00sq/ft. Hardwood ranges from $7.50sq/ft to $15.00sq/ft.

After Installation is Completed. Product lock and clicks and can be walked on right away.

Most vinyl products are very water-resistant, so wet-mopping is good to use. Mix water with a household floor cleaner.

Yes you can. Depending on the thickness you will need. Existing floor needs to be flat, dry, and clean and meets with requirements due to thickness.

There’s no right or wrong time to install new floors, but we often recommend starting the project in the late spring or early fall. This helps you avoid the holidays and times when family and friends will be gathering in your home.

This depends on your home’s market. Hardwood flooring typically gives homeowners the highest rate of return, but laminate flooring and luxury vinyl planks can also be attractive to future buyers. Take a look at what other homes in the area are using, and consider what kind of floors are the most functional for your climate or region.

Although the timeline can vary depending on the size of the space and the kind of floor being installed, we typically expect a home’s installation to take no longer than two weeks. Some projects can be wrapped up in as little as two days.

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Our company values high-quality workmanship, customer service, and timeliness. We’ve installed more than 4,000 floors, and every time, we strive to provide the best possible experience to our clients. We’re honest, and most importantly, we know exactly what we’re doing.

If you’re planning to install new floors in your home or business, reach out to Floors By The Shore today. Our team is standing by to help customers like you install their ideal flooring choice.

Schedule an online consultation for your installation project, or give us a call at 732-655-6155. We’ll give you an upfront quote for your project and walk you through the process.

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