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Floors by the Shore Can Tame Wrinkles Using a Power Stretcher to Fix the Wrinkles Once and for All

Nothing beats coming home after a long day to kick off your shoes and relax on soft, clean carpet. But when that carpet is dingy, odorous or falling apart, relaxing on it can be difficult. If your carpet is in need of a make-over, then professional carpet repair may be in order.

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Why Consider Carpet Repair in Your Monmouth County, NJ Home?

How to dry wet carpet

Power Stretching

Wrinkles in the carpet can be caused by fluctuating temperature and moisture levels in the home or simply the result of poorly-installed flooring.

Whatever the case, Floors by the Shore can tame wrinkles using a power stretcher to fix the wrinkles once and for all.

Starting at $250

Padding Replacement

There are many reasons you may want to replace your carpet pad — it’s lost its elasticity, become stinky or there’s been an increase in allergy symptoms, for example — and you can do so without having to purchase new carpet.

Seam Repair

Loose or frayed carpet edging is not only an eye-sore, but a safety hazard as well. At Floors by the Shore, we can repair frayed edges and seams by removing the damaged area then replacing it with a new strip of carpet. They will also take special care to bond the edges to reduce future damage to the area.

Subfloor and Carpet Sanitization

Depending on the reason for your padding replacement, you may require sanitization, as well. This is especially true if you have experienced flood damage or excessive staining. To do this, your carpet professional will have to remove the carpeting to reach the subfloor, then they will use industrial-strength cleaners and fans to clean the area before replacing the carpet.

Bonded Inserts

Remove stains and burns from carpet with bonded inserts. This procedure involves removing the damaged area and patching it with a spare piece or carpet. Though the procedure is very delicate, when done properly, it can result in a stain-free carpet with a seamless appearance.

"We Provide the Perfect Solution to Your Problem No matter what issues your carpet faces, Floors by the Shore will have the perfect solution. From removing wrinkles to flooring sanitization, we have you covered."

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to dust and allergens, carpets tend to hold them in pile until they are vacuumed. When you sweep hard surface floors, or when a draft comes into your room, allergens can enter the air, and your lungs. In this instance, carpet is better for someone with allergies. On the other hand, a carpet that is subject to prolonged moisture and dirt can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew; in which case the carpet may increase your allergic symptoms. You can, however, choose synthetic carpets, which are mold and mildew resistant and hinder the growth of these allergens. Frequent professional steam cleaning will also help to keep your carpets clean and safe.

When having an old carpet removed, it is recommended that you leave the premises prior to the removal as this can stir up a lot of dust and allergens. Also, have workers remove the used carpet to a safe place out of your home, and vacuum all areas where carpeting was removed.

No, formaldehyde is not used in modern day carpet manufacturing.

Most synthetic carpet fibers—such as polyester, nylon, polyester, acrylic, and triexta—are mold and mildew resistant. Regardless, if moisture reaches between the carpet and the subfloor, where it sits for an extended period of time, mold can grow and cause issues.

Shedding or piling is very normal for new carpeting, especially those made with staple carpet fibers (as opposed to bulked continuous filament (BCF) fibers). When yarn is sheared at a factory, pieces fall into the pile of carpets. These pieces become loose after installation. Most shedding will stop in a short time with regular vacuuming. Some carpets take longer than others, and the duration of shredding is determined by the way the carpet was manufactured.

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