How to Dry Wet Carpet

Vac Wet CarpetIf you have wet carpet that is caused by a leaky roof, an overflowing washing machine or sewage back-up, immediate water removal, carpet drying, and professional carpet cleaning are essential in order to minimize water damage. While some carpet drying projects can be completed by homeowners, in most cases it is highly recommended that you contact the best carpet cleaner in your area in order to achieve the best results.

The best procedure for drying wet carpet depends on the area of the carpet that is wet. If you have a small to the medium-size area of carpet that needs drying, chances are you can begin the process yourself. Larger areas or areas with extensive water damage, however, typically require the expertise of an experienced agency.

If you have decided to tackle the project yourself, follow these tips on how to dry wet carpet in order to help ensure that you don’t experience problems with mold, mildew, or permanently damaged carpet in the future.

how to dry wet carpet

  • Extract Excess Water: A high-quality shop vac can be your most prized possession when removing excess water from a carpeted area. Simply place the nozzle of your shop vac directly on the affected area and press down firmly to create a seal. Remember to concentrate on removing the water from the carpet pad, if applicable, since that is where most of the water is being held. You might consider trying various attachments in order to determine which one is most effective.
  • Use Towels: Once you have extracted as much water as possible with your shop vac, place dry towels over the wet carpet and blot up any remaining water. Replace wet towels with dry ones as needed.
  • Expose the Carpet Pad: Roll back the carpet to expose the carpet pad. Use your shop vac and then repeat the towel blotting process to remove excess water from the pad.
  • Use Fans and/or Heaters: Warm air movement can speed the carpet drying process immensely. Place box fans or portable heaters throughout the area whenever possible, and if the room has a ceiling fan, switch it on to the highest setting.
  • Get Help from a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service: Carpet that remains wet for more than two or three days will not only begin to smell sour, but can develop mold, mildew, or weakening as well. If your carpet still feels wet to the touch after approximately two days, you might wish to consider contacting a professional carpet cleaning service to assist you with drying your carpet more quickly.

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How to Dry Wet Carpet in Larger Areas

If you have an area of wet carpet that is larger than 100 square feet, and you do not have access to commercial drying equipment or commercial extraction equipment, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional water restoration company for assistance.

Look for a water restoration company that is equipped to handle the complete restoration of the water-damaged area. With commercial-grade equipment that is specifically designed to remove water and dry wet carpet, a professional can help prevent mold, mildew and permanent damages that could drain your wallet in the long run.

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